Powerhouse overnight oats

Cranberry and peanut butter overnight oats

This plant-based powerhouse breakfast will keep you stuffed until lunchtime, with flip loads of protein (one third of your daily needs), a whopping 3.6g of omega-3 and all the manganese you need for the day!

This is easy to make the night before as you just pop it in your fridge the night. It’s great to make big batches if you have a hungry family or you want to treat your flatmates, it lasts about 2 days so make a big bowl and then you can all grab a portion to munch at work or enjoy with some sliced nana on a Sunday morning. If you like it more stodgy/liquidy then just add in more or less milk.


40g - Whole oats

2 tbsp - Peanut butter + peanuts

2 tbsp - Cranberries

1 tbsp - Flax

1 tbsp - Chia

120ml - Soy milk


- Chuck all the ingredients into a bowl or tupa-ware and mix it up good and proper, ensure all the oats are submerged in the milk.

- Pop in the fridge (for at least 6 hours) in the evening and it’ll be ready for breakfast the next morning.

- Grab it in the morning and add toppings or just enjoy as it is - the great thing about this recipe is how versatile it can be - add cinnamon and apple instead or cacao nibs and strawberries.

What would you add to yours to make it taste mega?


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