Hit your fibre target before lunch!

Getting your 30g of fibre can seem like an uphill struggle if your looking in the wrong places, upgrading a snack here and slightly changing a lunch there can make a huge difference to the amount you consume over a day. Here we have shown how a couple of standard meals can provide a flip load of fibre, check out our Top 10 Tuesday post for even more fantastically fibrous foods. With the snazzy benefits of fibre discussed in our Research Review yesterday, there's never been a better time to get your fibre munch on!

Here are the ingredients we added to smash the 30g of fibre before dinner:

Breakfast: Porridge - 18.2g of fibre

- 50g whole oats

- 1 tbsp flax seeds

- 1 tbsp chia seeds

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- 2 tbsp almonds

- 1 apple

Snack: Popcorn - 4.4g of fibre

- 30g serving

Lunch: Salad - 11.4g of fibre

- 50g Pearl barley

- 2 tbsp red kidney beans

- 30g spinach

- 1 tomato

- half an avocado

This lot totals 34g!

What’re your favourite high fibre foods and how do you get them in your diet?


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