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Our journey

Sebastian slater ba (hons), msc, anutr

Hello everyone, I'm a registered Associate Public Health Nutritionist focused on empowering individuals with the nutritional knowledge needed to help optimise health and prevent disease. Why do I do this and what motivates me to do this? 


Well, my Dad died unexpectedly from heart disease at the age of 54 (more on this story here), the age his Dad passed away from the exact same condition. He left us so suddenly, while he was playing a game of tennis, which smashed my family and my mindset to pieces. It took a long time to rebuild, I was lonely and scared as I had never imagined not meeting my grandchildren, which my Dad now never will.


I started researching what influences our risk of this condition to try and take back some control over my life.


This led me to study nutrition and health at Wageningen University followed by a Masters degree in Global Public health Nutrition at Westminster University. What I learnt in these establishments was startling and powerful, so much so I wanted to share the knowledge I had developed leading me to create this site.


Since then I have worked with the World Health Organisation on research, studied with Harvard University  School of Public Health as well as the biggest children's charity; World Vision.


My masters degree allowed me to sign up with the Association for Nutrition (AFN). As the NHS suggest here, you can find registered nutritionists like myself on the AFN website.




knowledge is power

Whilst studying, not only did we find that you can prevent heart disease, but ways of potentially preventing and delaying other chronic diseases such as certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. I could not simply be happy knowing this, I wanted to share this with as many people as possible which is what motivates me to help people through EBM.


Obviously, there are aspects which we cannot change, our genetics and family history, sex, race, and age. However, there are aspects that we can control: diet; exercise; smoking habits; alcohol intake and our weight. This is where EBM comes in, we aim to empower people with science-backed examples of how to eat well with the simple aim of meeting our grandchildren whilst giving ourselves the best possible chance of avoiding disease. 


Unlike exercise, smoking, alcohol and weight, diet has an incredible amount of contradicting information surrounding it. The more exercise you do the better, but the more food we eat does not have the same impact, so what food do we eat and how much?


Food has the capacity to drastically improve our life expectancy, it wasn't until I studied my masters degree I realised to what extent!

There are too many nutrition sites which use more opinion than science which is why evidence is at the very core of everything we do. By only using peer-reviewed journal articles which are relevant and statistically powerful, we aim to cut through the crud and provide the most up to date information.


together we succeed

Our vision: A world where everyone understands the power they have to prevent disease through what they eat, and understand fully the risks of not doing so.


Our goal: To empower people by providing unbiased nutritional information from scientific journals and research papers, to 1 million people. We achieve this by not permitting advertising and sponsorship from industry, which leaves no conflicts of interest to muddy the waters. 


This means our site is funded solely by people utilising our nutrition services. To emphasise our commitment to our vision and goals we provide a 'pay what you can' option to break down as many barriers as possible to help individuals prosper.


Chuck us an email if you have any questions